Everybody is a great marketer with Stackpie!

Stackpie is an advanced marketing automation software. Spend your time more strategically by automating your marketing effort. Create more robust connections with your audience from day 1. Design beautiful email without efforts with our intuitive visual email builder. Plug together your sales, service, and marketing to supercharge your business growth effort.

Pipeline Builder

Stackpie comes with powerful tools that you will not find with any other similar software. Keep your pipeline fully stocked with high-quality leads.

Build dynamic web experience

Dynamic content based on what you know about your accounts. Create marketing campaigns with advanced segments.

Be Productive & automate your sales.

When you configure sales automation, Stackpie works for you 24 hours, even when you're not working.

Send personalized transactional emails like payment confirmations, invoice payment reminders, order confirmations.

Send branded emails

Engage your audience with our robust email marketing platform. Unlike other software, Stackpie is integrated with all your business modules. You don't have to export, re-import, you can send beautiful emails right from Stackpie. No more same looking templates everywhere, it comes with custom design capabilities.

Dynamic Email Content

Send the right message to the right person—personalized email content with our dynamic email placeholders.

Build custom marketing integration in minutes with our API.