Build Smarter Website with StackPie

Finally, a content management system that connects natively with your marketing, sales and support. Shape your customer's experience in every interaction.

How it works

Our system will generate unique QR codes for each serial. Manufacturers will include this product QR code on warranty cards, product cartoons, or in the product.

When you scan the code with a phone, it will direct you to a landing page. The landing page offers on-page product registration if the product is not registered yet by the consumer. If the product is already registered, it will show the warranty information. From the page, the consumer will be able to schedule a service, open a support ticket, download, or view the appliance manual.

This landing page is completely customizable; you can include any custom message or links.

When a customer registers a product, the customer will get SMS and email confirmation. The customer information will be available on your ERP backend.

StackPie helps to leverage warranty management as a strategic advantage of your business.

Increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

It will increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Verify product authenticity.

If you are a developer, you will love it. Get full control of your website's code.

Save time to file a warranty claim.

Both consumer and owner will save time to file a warranty claim.

Dispatch technicians efficiently

Your team will be able to dispatch technicians efficiently.

Get analytical data of an item.

Because your brand is unique, your website should be unique too. Theme editor lets you customize everything, even the underlying codes.

Up-sell & Cross-sell

You can up-sell (offering the customer to purchase extended warranties, upgrades, or other add-ons to generate more revenue.) and cross-sell warranty policies and products.

Warranty claims in a single dashboard

View all your warranty claims in a single dashboard.

Blogging Tools

Write excellent blog posts quickly with our powerful blogging tools. Share stories, post company news or announce product updates.