Salesforce Alternative

Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software, and StackPie is a Complete Business Management Software with natively connected CRM and other business modules. It's a modern approach with the power of current technologies.

When your sales force (sales team) makes a sale, you need another platform to create an Invoice. When your customers pay you, you need another application for the Accounting. With StackPie, you get it all in a natively connected platform. Your customers get a customer portal to reach you for support, view their transactions, invoices, and orders, and when they contact you, you have all their order histories and their commerce in a single place. When you need to connect your other applications to Salesforce through API (Web Services API), you need to buy the Enterprise or Unlimited edition.
On the other hand, API is the heart of StackPie; it's readily available in all editions. For technical support (Support and Configuration Services), in Salesforce, you need the Unlimited edition. StackPie offers unlimited technical support by our skilled tech team Free of cost. In Salesforce, most of the editions require an annual contract; in StackPie, it's flexible. Salesforce Marketing Automation Edition (Pardot) prices $1250/month with a limit of 10,000 contacts. Marketing automation is built-in on StackPie, with no contact limits.