Lead Generation

Generating high-quality, sales-ready leads is one of the top priorities for marketers. In this guide we will show you using best practices, explore digital channels, and apply social techniques to turn today's self-directed buyers into your potential sales leads. Use this guide to understand the lead generation process, planning and strategies in detail. Although it's a complex process, by using modern tools you can definitely get the most out of your lead generation strategies and save time.

Lead generation is an art and one needs to master this art to generate high quality leads.

What is a Lead

In a marketing context, leads are defined as prospective customers who visit your website, viewed your Facebook page, clicked on your ad, or any other way expressed interest in your products or services and voluntarily provided their contact information.

In most of the case, above 94% of website visitors are not ready to buy. In other words, all your website visitors are not lead. A visitor converts to a lead when-

  • Fill the lead capture form
  • Register for a free trial
  • Register for a product demo
  • Register for a webinar
  • Call you or send you an email to get more information about your products, services

As a marketer, your focus is to turn your audience into buyers. So, how will you turn these people into paying customers? The first step is generating leads from your audience.

What is lead generation

In your business, you already know your audience. You know who might be your customer. But you don't know their contact information's. You don't know how to reach them. So you use some tactics to get them interested in your products or services. In other words, it's the process of tempting strangers to your website, warming them up by providing information's, answering their questions, concerns. By doing this, your audience voluntarily provides their contact information.

When generating leads, you should balance between quantity and quality. We will show you why it is important and how you do this.

Remember, different buyers have different levels of interest. Some potential buyers may not have an interest at this moment, and some of them are ready to buy. So, when generating leads, it's also important to identify this, score leads based on interest or possibilities. Our internal data study reveals that by optimizing our lead generation process, we are able to increase 178% greater sales revenue. This will not just increase sales revenue; it will also save time for you and your employees. In marketing, saving time is huge because if you can do more by less time, your numbers will increase.

Understanding buyer's journey

Before working on the lead generation process, it's very important to understand how buyers are getting from strangers to your customer. Let's flip it- imagine you are a potential customer for another product. When you see this product, the first question will pop up your mind is - Do I have a need? If you elaborate on this question, the meaning would be transformed-

  • How will it solve my problem?
  • What benefit will I get?
  • Is there any better solution?
  • Will it add value?

The reality is we aren't just in a race to get your products or services to notice by them; we're also in a race to make them understand why they should choose you over other.

#1 Lead Capturing

#2 Lead Nurturing

#3 Lead Conversion (Sale)


Video Marketing

How will you generate new leads?

Direct Mail Marketing

Facebook Advertising

Strategic Calling

Running a cold email campaign

#2 Lead Nurturing

You got leads, so what is the next step- communicate with them, educate them until they're ready to move forward.

So the biggest problem we have they are not communicating with you back. So how do you solve that- We keep trying. Here comes the Sales Sequence. Don't give up until you get feedback.

How much is too much?

Nobody wants to be a spammer, right? If you provide real value.


Don't say- you are awesome, you are number one. Nobody cares. Who do they care about?- Themselves. What's In It For Me? Your marketing has to be a focus on providing them value, telling them What's In It For them. Means-

  • Their pains
  • Their needs
  • Their desires
  • Their wants

If they do, they are not the right clients for you.

#3 Lead Conversion (Sale)

Build Rapport

By doing this, you will get a person that much more likely to move forward.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Ads