Facebook Marketing

People use Facebook as a personal space. They don't want to be flooded by sales messages. The traditional approach-, "buy my products or services." doesn't work anymore. Understanding the psychology of human behavior will help you with personalized communications to them.


Affection, Attention, Appreciation, and Acceptance. People always crave these. Brands usually manipulate these needs and then present their products to the audience.

Start by knowing how your audience uses social media.

The reality is most businesses create content that most consumers don't care about you, your products, or services. Understanding why and when they buy something is the blueprint for Facebook marketing.

  • Certainty: when a product or service assures, it can avoid pain
  • Uncertainty: the need for an unknown future event
  • Uniqueness: it feels unique, special
  • Growth: an expansion of capabilities
  • Contribution: supporting the planet or others

Create valuable, relevant, and consistent pieces of content that add value to the audience.

Content can be both entertaining and informative. People share content when it is funny, informative, helpful, or motivational. Create stuff people want to read and share; this way, your branded message will spread too.

Do not hard sell on Facebook.
Creating personalized content allows you to communicate with your customers and prospects. Deliver consistently relevant and valuable content.