Email Marketing

Email marketing remains the most effective medium for reaching your customers. Despite all the buzz about new communication channels, email is still the most widely used way people communicate. Customer acquisition cost through e-mail marketing is incredibly low comparing other marketing strategies. And it's fast, simple, and easy to use marketing strategy.

This post combines time-tested email marketing strategies, practical experiences, and best practices to help you make the most out of email marketing.

Integrate email with other marketing technologies. By mixing with other tools, you can make a meaningful growth strategy on your business. It can improve ROI, and by automating the email marketing process, you can save a significant amount of time.

Getting Started with Email Marketing

To get started, build a solid foundation for sending emails. Set an objective. Build a quality email list full of prospects.

Drafting Effective Email

The Salutation: It's better to use a casual, friendly tone. Start with "Hey" or "Hello"

Customization and Personalization: Instead of sending the same message to everyone, send personalized messages. You can use modern email marketing tools to automate this.

Add call to action (CTA): Add a link, button, or a statement that asks the receiver to take a specific action.

Examples of calls to action could include

  • Add a button "Learn More" link to your landing page
  • Register for a Free Demo
  • Join webinar
  • Call now and ask for a free consultation
  • Schedule a meeting

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Low costs
  • High engagement
  • High ROI
  • Targeted Audience
  • Easy to Start
  • Easy to Track and measure

Limitations of Email Marketing

In marketing, each strategy has its strength and limitations, and email marketing is no exception.

Email Marketing Strategy

Learn email marketing strategy before hitting the send button.

Send personalized email

Segment your audience

Build Trust and Reputation

Don't send a marketing email to strangers.

Your first challenge is to educate your customers who are likely to need your products or services. And if you are selling the same products or services, you need to convince your prospects that they will get better value than other competitors.

Make your Email Content Valuable

Track Your Emails

Track your emails and learn from your results. Apply your experience into your next campaign. Update your list by monitoring delivery and bounces.

Create Your Message → Deliver Your Message → Evaluate Your Message ←

Email Marketing Best Practices (Tips)

The most fabulous email in the world means nothing if that email doesn't reach your audience.

Sender Reputation (Become a trusted sender)

It's 2020, and spam-filtering technologies have improved a lot over the past few years. People can easily report your email with a single click of a button. And imagine what will happen if most people report your email as spam. Next time you send an email, it will go straight to the junk folder instead of the inbox.

Spam is an unsolicited bulk commercial email.

  • Verify the email exist
  • Make your email content valuable
  • Check your email frequency
  • Always add an unsubscribe link

Subscriber Engagement

Email Service Provider (ESP) tracks whether the receiver opens, clicked on the links, saved, etc. If the user doesn't engage, it can lower the sender's reputation. In other words, your subscriber engagement is a key factor in getting your next emails delivered.

Don't over pollute with texts

Remember, people usually scan and skim emails rather than reading every word.

Include value proposition

Ask yourself f, why your products or services are worth paying for. And describe how it will add values to them.

Include proof and information to support your value proposition

To reinforce your value proposition, add additional information like how it works, what they will get. Include testimonials, social proofs.

A/B Test

Add your business address to all email

Tell your subscribers where your business is located.

Add your signature

Add a link in the footer with text. Here is an example-

If you no longer wish to receive these emails unsubscribe.

Email Marketing Tools

Over the past few years, email marketing has evolved a lot along with email marketing tools. With email marketing tools, you can send highly targeted emails with less time. The competition in the email marketing tools has grown.

Email Service Providers

Marketing Automation Software


A robust CRM is not just a sales tool. It can be used as a marketing tool.

Email marketing practices you should avoid

  • Don't use a misleading subject line.