Customer Support

Business soars when you provide excellent service. When a customer buys a product or service, they want to receive what they feel they have paid for. When you revolve around your business around your customer, it's called customer-centric service.

Social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter give customers unparalleled power to influence the way others view your products and services.

"There is only one boss- the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company, From the chairman on down, simply by Spending his money somewhere else."
- Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart

The purpose of this article is to integrate our research and experiences to provide a framework for best practices in providing customer service.

What is Customer Service

The definition of customer service is the process of satisfying customers by providing customer needs and expectations. It is the interaction between the customer and your organization.

Although every customer is unique and, they all expect two things in common- a quality product, timely service. Customer service should be viewed separately from the product quality.

The role of customer service can vary depending on industries, organizations, and customer segments.

Building Trust is the First Step

To develop a long-term relationship with your customers, it starts by building trust. Remember, trust is the glue that will hold themselves to your business. Create bonds, find mutual goals, and interests.

Why Customer Service is Important?

It's an investment in retention. It costs less money than spending huge on untold, uninformed audiences on pursuing new customers. Providing exceptional customer service is your hidden customer multiplier tool.

Customer Service Best Practices (Pro Tip)

Promise good but deliver great

It's the best way to exceed customer expectations. By doing this, you will go above and beyond expectations.

It's cheaper to provide high-quality service than poor service

Providing high-quality service ensures future purchases from the same customer and brings more customers. Poor service can result in substantial costs to an organization including, but not limited to rework, wasting time, bad reputation, and review. Each time a customer is not satisfied, there is an additional cost which is called world-of-mouth.

Understand customer needs

Understanding customer needs one of the foundations to offer great service. Ask for additional information when needed. Asking key questions will help you to understand the actual needs.

Feel Welcomed

As human beings, we all want to be acknowledged. When we buy something, we all expect to be treated as valuable by everyone who sells. Same way, when you sell something, feel them warmly welcomed. After each service, ask for comment Learn from your customer, ask how you did, ask for a rating, ask for whether they are satisfied or not.

Make it part of your company's culture

You can leave your competitors in the dust who do not provide quality services.

Create a Personal Connection

Feel them more important and appreciated. Feel them recognize his or her name.

What are the biggest challenges in customer service today?

How can I improve my service and communication with my clients?

Repeat and Referral Business

This is where begins

Provide more

  • More Value
  • More Service
  • More Communication

Why is this so important, What is every clients biggest fear I'm gonna have to chase down to get an information, to get a support.

Go above and beyond

Deliver Beyond Expectations