StackPie provides a full stack of software for e-commerce, sales, billing, marketing, and customer service.

Automations you’ll actually use and love.

All-inclusive commerce platform, no matter what products or services you are selling.

StackPie is not just another CMS or CRM. It's a complete platform with natively connected all your business modules.

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Customer Care Management (CCM)

Create the best customer experience

Build better relationships with our fast, agile, and robust customer care management suite.

Automations you’ll actually use and love.

StackPie is not just another CMS or CRM. It's a complete platform with natively connected all your business modules.

CRM connected with CMS

While your website is the primary touchpoint of your customers, but most of the CRM is not natively connected with your website. StackPie records each of your website visitors along with referral, location data, and many more. When your leads contact with you, you know what they are looking for. Then create a custom marketing campaign with those data. Know the path of your every sale and optimize your website.

Blazing fast web commerce experience

Website speed matters. Most of the e-commerce websites created with WordPress or other currently available website builders are super slow. StackPie uses an in-memory caching system with global CDN powered by Amazon web service to create a high-performance web experience.

Because your website is not just an information catalog

Your website should not be just an information catalog with a few static pages. Whether you are selling products or services, your customer should be able to view their orders, connect with you, ask for support, and many more. StackPie comes with an advanced customer portal that they will love to use it. This experience will bring you more sales and customer satisfaction. Web experience created with stackpie does a lot. It captures leads. Convert them to customers. It provides supports when they need it.

There are five pillars in every business

For you to be successful, each of your business modules needs to do its job effectively. The five pillars in every business are-

  1. Products or Services
  2. Finance
  3. You with your team
  4. Marketing
  5. Sales

All of these above modules of your business connect natively with stackpie. It makes your business more productive and profitable.

Rent out your home in 3 steps

Tired of secretive bids? Our platform provides a transparent rental auction with the ability to submit custom offers.

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