StackPie CRM – AI-powered sales productivity solutions

What is a CRM?
C-R-M stands for Customer Relationship Management. The goal for CRM is simple, It improves business relationships,  store and segment data, and analyze information tied to your customers, leads, and prospects and improve profitability.
Why You Should Get Started with StackPie Cloud-based CRM
StackPie Cloud-based CRM syncs data realtime, it means every user is working off of the same information. Your employees or sales team can work from anywhere, for instance, your employee can instantly update information after a meeting with a prospect. Besides, you do not need to install software on every single employee laptop or mobile device, your employee can access data from anywhere from any device. You do not have to worry about data backups, data loss, data is stored securely in the cloud. So, it’s the best idea moving to the cloud.
How CRM Can Impact Your Growing BusinessWith StackPie CRM manage your organizational interaction with existing and prospective customers.
Why StackPie is Better

  • Because all businesses whether it is a small business or large enterprise run better when sales and marketing work together. StackPie is modular application & it has all the modules in a single solution.
  • Balance between Marketing & Customer Service- instead of spending lot of money in marketing, when you make also effort to deliver great customer service you will certainly get more customer through referrals, make long term relationships with your customers. With StackPie, you can deliver quality service without having to deal with cumbersome software.
  • We are working constantly with our customers, consultants & a research group to make it even better.

Moreover StackPie has additional features powered by AI–
Enrich your data with StackPie
Sales records are the backbone of your business, so they have to be accurate. Our Salesforce integration ensures you have the right data, when and where you need it.
How data enrichments works?
When you add a lead through API or directly stackPie fetches, validates and aggregates public data found on a person, company or network, using multiple data sources like Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub etc. The second step is, It quality checks the data using a complex set of crawlers, comparing data from multiple sources using AI techniques. From a simple input (eg. an email address of your lead), you get over 40 actionable data points out in a single result: full name, other emails, phone numbers, avatar, social profiles, Job title, company data for the job, and much more.