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And the best part? It’s StackPie, so you get time tracking, scheduling, project management together with your other business modules, as it should be.

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GPS time tracker, know exactly who’s working and where at any point of the day.

Leverage artificial intelligence to audit 100% of your expense reports, understand every line on every expense report, receipt, invoice, contract, and travel document. StackPie can audit automatically employees Travel and booking violations, Excessive meal spend, Unnecessary upgrades, Suspicious merchants, Out-of-policy spend, Duplicate expense claims etc. Use our AI-driven analytics to eliminate manager approvals and dramatically improve your organization’s expense culture.

No more inaccurate time cards

StackPie automates every step of the expense-management process. Capture expenses as they happen from your mobile phone or tablet and sync securely with cloud in real time. It will save time by reducing data entry and streamline everything from submitting expenses through to reconciling transactions.

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